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Tcalibration logo showing calibration in action.

Data Logger Calibration Quotation

A choice of 3 easy ways to get your quotation (and if you like a confirmed visit date as well).

(1) To get a free, no-obligation quotation for your data logger/data-acquisition system call 01202 927 997. We can talk you through it and an accurate quote can be created using just a few bits of information about the instruments. We can immediately put your onsite visit in our diary for your peace of mind.

(2) Alternatively, you can download this simple PDF form and then complete it on your computer for an instant quotation. Then you can visit our interactive online calendar if you would like a date in the diary.

(3) If you prefer to email for a quotation, the following information is all we need to send you an accurate quote:


The following formula is how every calibration quotation is calculated.

Calibration costs £249 per instrument plus £2 per channel. There is also a one-off visit fee of £379 plus £1 per mile for the return trip from the postcode BH16 6FA to your site. (You need to provide the instruments and some desk space to work with them. If an instrument is not working it is up to you to make it function well enough that it can be tested. If an instrument is not tested for any reason during the visit then the £249 plus £2 per channel will not be charged for that particular instrument.)

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