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Technical Consultation

We understand that a chat on the phone or over Skype with an engineer can be worth many frustrating emails or attempts to talk through your data logger calibration with the wrong person.

Dr Duncan James is the creator of our data logger calibration approach and also the engineer who leads the onsite calibrations. Duncan is happy to give a free consultation if you have technical questions about how, why and whether Tcalibration can help you and discuss any specific requirements you may have.

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Here are some calibration-related articles, videos and general advice.

We have a list of all the currently-supported instruments which includes general information, reports and calibration procedures documents. If you have a data logger that is not on the list it can probably still be calibrated; in this case please call or email for more information.

A wide range of topics are covered on the Tcalibration frequently asked questions page.

We have an article about how to calibrate the timebase of a data logger. which includes a discussion of the assumption of uniform sample intervals and an explanation of why the gap between samples is the maximum error in measurement of the distance between two zero cross-overs.

Some of the technical terms used to describe the calibration of the DC response of a data logger include Linearity, DC Offset, Inaccuracy and RMS Noise. There is also a separate article about RMS Noise.

It is possible to use a calibrated data logger to then calibrate the delay of a pulse generator in the specific case of an application that use the delay between signals to trigger a series of events. (This application is very common.)

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