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Tcalibration logo showing calibration in action.

Onsite Data Logger Calibration

Data loggers are also known as transient loggers, data recorders and data acquisition systems. You can book an onsite calibration and/or get an obligation-free quotation now.

You are welcome to call now on 01202 927 997 or email to book an onsite calibration or get an obligation-free quote.

Data-acquisition systems that we can calibrate with high precision and accuracy include:- IMO Spartan, AMO Saturn, Graphtec, HBM Gen, Hi-Techniques Synergy, National Instruments, Nicolet Multipro, BE cards and racks. Each calibration can be customised to your exact requirements at no extra cost.

Safe Contractor certified.CHAS certified contractor.

We are Safe Contractor accredited. We are CHAS accredited. We have also been working for ISO 9001 companies for many years and have all the necessary paperwork. Tcalibration will also be getting its own ISO 9001 certification in spring 2018. All measurements are fully traceable to national standards with industry-leading information about uncertainty.

Calibration Certificates for your Data-Acquisition System

Calibration certificates are emailed to you in PDF format.

You will receive a calibration certificate for each instrument. We can send multiple copies to different email addresses to respond to the demands of your internal systems.

Free Technical Reports

Technical certificates can also be emailed to you in PDF format.

Additionally, at no extra cost, we can send technical reports that focus on issues of your choice. Existing customers use these technical reports to improve the known accuracy of data and therefore decrease the "safety margin costs" that are associated with less-thorough calibration certificates. Others use them to demonstrate the high quality of their data-acquisition audit trail and therefore gain a competitive advantage when bidding for new work.

Tcalibration logo showing calibration in action.

The Benefits of a Tcalibration Calibration

A dedication to data acquisition means quality and value.

Tcalibration is dedicated to the calibration of data loggers and has years of experience specifically with these instruments. We have an excellent understanding of how each instrument works and, because modern instruments have so many channels and ranges, efficient methods of repeating a series of tests thousands of times. Calibration points per instrument can easily run into the thousands: far outperforming other calibration providers. Our extensive scientific and statistical knowledge also adds value to the calibration process in the form of supporting technical analysis for the end user.

Obviously this precise and accurate calibration more than meets regulatory requirements. Benefits for you include competitive pricing and free customisable technical reports which can include beginner-friendly pages that have evolved over many years to be easy to understand.

Free Technical Consultation

You are welcome to book a free technical consultation if you have any questions.

The consultation will be with Dr Duncan James who is the creator of our data logger calibration approach and also leads the site visits. He has spent the last 6 years continually improving his approach to data logger calibration and before that was a research scientist. While researching for his doctorate, Duncan authored a new and original data analysis technique for a particular type of data logger and also developed a deep understanding of how to turn the tens of thousands of pieces of raw data into just a few easy-to-use error bars.

You are welcome to contact us with any questions.

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